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Beyond Homo Sapien

Jan 20, 2019

The law of attraction can be a confusing topic...

In today’s world, there are many fake gurus out there teaching about the law of attraction. Unfortunately, many of these folks are a bit misinformed as to WHY the law of attraction “works”, how it works, and how to best apply it to your life.

The law of attraction is a state of being.

It is a constant state of you. It isn’t something you turn on or off. You are ALWAYS using the law of attraction to shape your world OR be shaped by the world around you. Whether you are a cause or effect in your world is up to you...

Today, Pasha Moreno Tarantino and I are going to chat about the concept of frequency and how it applies to learning about the law of attraction.

You see, frequency is the rate at which we “vibrate”... when we speak about the principle of vibration, we are discussing the rate at which our selves are vibrating in relation to the world around us. The frequency rate at which we are vibrating is how we ascend or descend between the planes of correspondence.

When we ascend between planes, we gain the ability to affect the plane beneath which we have vibrated or raised our degree of consciousness.

The law of attraction is simply the name for the power that we can access to use our mental power to create our world. It is always in effect. We are always using it.

Pasha and I are going to break this down!

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Much love!