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Beyond Homo Sapien

Jan 27, 2019

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Psychic Abilities... "Am I Psychic"?

"Am I Psychic" is a question many people have here in 2019...

Well, YES! That is really the answer... As our collective consciousness begins to become more apparent, we realize that we are all one and the same. Effectively, you and I are linked. We are all part of the same "whole... The same biosphere... One consciousness. Have you experienced a phenomena where you and someone in your friend group or network have an idea and then everyone else seems to have that idea? This sharing of the same ideas is happening more frequently as we all begin to realize the depth of our connectivity to one another.

Psychic abilities are here... In fact, we have always had these abilities. The more we learn, the more we understand that we are all connected to the same psychic source and that developing psychic abilities is really just a matter of reconnecting with that spiritual power that ALL of us already have inside. How do we connect with that power of spiritual awakening? Well, sometimes it can be difficult especially given the rather traumatic environments many of us inhabit here on earth. Unfortunately, there are many who are still stuck in the "Old Story" of Separation...

Psychic abilities and spiritual awakening is inevitable. It is a part of who we are... At our source, this ability to harness psychic power is indistinguishable from our intuition. If we believe in the power of intuition, then we already believe in some form of psychic abilities. When we trust that little voice inside ourselves that urges us to do more, be more, create more, strive for more, and contribute more to the collective consciousness and our fellow-humans, then we are tapping into that psychic power already! Indeed, this is really what psychic abilities are all about: connecting with the collective consciousness.

Is it possible to do crazy things like levitation or telekinesis? What about remote viewing? I believe that these things are possible... Indeed, I have spoken with some individuals who have claimed to have these sorts of experiences... Is it real? Is remote viewing real? At the end of the day, we can trust only our own experiences. However, as quantum physics begins to expand more into research and thinking about the nature of consciousness and fundamental building blocks of reality, we begin to see how all of the universe is composed of some sort of a wavelength... In other words, the foundational building blocks are a sort of frequency, sound-wave, or something similar in nature.

If all of reality is a wavelength, then it makes sense that we could impact that reality with our own psychic power... By achieving a heightened energetic state of psychic abilities, we could use the power of our minds to affect the world around us... By doing so, we are tapping into the law of cause and effect and using our willpower to affect our world.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Have you had experience with psychic abilities? Let me know below! I'm really interested in everything to do with harnessing psychic power (as you might realize by now) and would love to hear your experience. If we widen this conversation inside our collective consciousness, it is reasonable to think that psychic abilities might develop at a faster pace. It is a very exciting idea! Let's see where everything goes.

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Much Love!