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Beyond Homo Sapien

Jan 30, 2019

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😨 Why do people FAIL?

Is it because they didn’t “work hard enough”??? 💪

Probably not...

As a civilization, we are obsessed with studying successful people.

There are thousands of books written about presidents, generals, world-class entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and everyone else whose made an impact on the world.

But what about the people who never achieve their goals?

The silent majority of folks who never “make it big”?

Those who are never able to break out of the 9-5 lifestyle?

The past few years I’ve been spending an enormous amount of time studying why people DONT succeed.

I started with myself! Why was I continuing to fail to change my life, heal from mental illness, and fail at all my business endeavors??

Why was nothing lining up?

If we want to change the collective conversation and help people shift our world towards something more beautiful, we have to first understand and empathize with WHY people never succeed.

Here’s what I’ve found.