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Beyond Homosapien

Feb 21, 2020

Angel magic is closely tied with the topic of experiencing a spiritual awakening.


During my spiritual awakening three years ago, I connected strongly with my Guardian Angels. This energy of protection and light was a source of refuge and restoration.


At first, I was skeptical!


However, over time, I discovered that Angel Magic, or “Enochian Magic”, is a powerful tradition of right-hand white magic that can help to influence our world at a powerful scale.


The topic of magical ritual work is intimidating. Ironically, such practices are demonized by religious organizations despite their close intimacy with the angelic realms.


Today, Christy Forsyth and I are here to discuss the topic of angel magic and how to practice such work carefully. Working with archangels does not need to be frightening.


Watch this video and learn how to connect with your most powerful soul guides and protectors!


Angels have existed in spiritual traditions all over the world. Whether you commune with them through oracle cards, tarot cards, or astral travel, here in 2020 we have numerous resources for working with the angels.


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