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Beyond Homo Sapien

Feb 1, 2023

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On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Paul Tokgozoglu and Scott Pelzel delve into the dark and thought-provoking world of Black Mirror.

In this episode, they will be discussing one of the most impactful and thought-provoking episodes of the series, "Fifteen Million Merits." Have you watched the Netflix series Black Mirror?

Black Mirror is a show that explores the relationship between humanity and technology and the consequences of advanced artificial intelligence. With each episode tackling a different aspect of our rapidly evolving technological landscape, this show has become a staple in the science fiction genre and has left audiences around the world contemplating the implications of our reliance on technology.

"Fifteen Million Merits" is a particularly impactful episode that explores the themes of entertainment, escapism, and the price we pay for both. In a world where people must pedal bicycles to earn the "merits" they need to survive, and where virtual reality offers a tempting escape from their monotonous lives, this episode will leave you questioning about the cost of our obsession with entertainment and the power of corporations to manipulate our desires.

Scott and Paul will discuss the similarities between the world portrayed in "Fifteen Million Merits" and our own world, pointing out the eerie parallels between the episode and the current state of our society. They will discuss how the world of Black Mirror can serve as a cautionary tale for our own world, and how the technology portrayed in the show may not be as far-fetched as we once thought. In addition, they will delve into the philosophical implications of the episode, examining the impact of our obsession with entertainment and our constant need for escapism. They will also discuss the power dynamics at play in the episode and how they reflect real-world issues such as the exploitation of the working class and the manipulation of public opinion by corporations.

This episode of Beyond Homo Sapien is not just for fans of Black Mirror, but for anyone interested in the relationship between humanity and technology, and the consequences of advanced artificial intelligence. Whether you are a seasoned viewer or just discovering the show, Paul and Scott will provide you with a thought-provoking and insightful discussion that will leave you questioning what it means to be human in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. So if you are a fan of science fiction, technology, and thought-provoking discussions, then this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien is for you.

Tune in now for an in-depth discussion of Black Mirror episode 2, "Fifteen Million Merits," and how it reflects and warns us of the dangers of our relationship with technology.