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Beyond Homosapien

Feb 18, 2020

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Carol Tuttle is one of my heroes.


Through her books, I was introduced to the world of spiritual awakening. Carol Tuttle taught her Energy Profiling System which has resulted in millions of students having greater clarity about their true selves.


“Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, energy healer, best-selling author of six books, and pioneer in the field of personal development.


“For over 25 years, she has supported millions worldwide with her life-changing books and online courses. She sees humanity shifting to a higher consciousness and feels called to help people create more intentional lives and fulfilling relationships.”

+Carol Tuttle’s Bio


Carol Tuttle has inspired audiences to look deeper. Through reading her books, I was able to clear limiting beliefs and replace them with a new way forward into affluence, ease, and joy. Healing does not have to be painful. Carol Tuttle has mapped out a pathway towards spiritual fulfillment inside of her new Healing Center program. Inside this online community, Carol helps students understand themselves at a deeper level while experiencing a transformation of their inner and outer realities. Want to learn more about the Carol Tuttle Healing Center? Click here:


Carol inspired me to work more closely with the angelic realms. Through understanding my guardian angels, I was able to release old patterns of struggle. My faith was evolved. Through that inspiring journey of spiritual growth, I was able to enter into a new reality of greater happiness. On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Carol Tuttle and Paul Tokgozoglu discuss the process of spiritual awakening. The conversation spans numerology and the meaning of 11:11. Enjoy the show and make sure you check out the Carol Tuttle Healing Center!