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Beyond Homosapien

Feb 28, 2020

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Human design and gene keys intersect in many directions. Through understanding both the systems of human design and gene keys together, we can map out a pathway to ascension and spiritual awakening. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, Jarin Kenyon joins Paul Tokgozoglu to talk about how the gene keys factor into our human designs. Let us join together in the journey towards self realization!


These two systems of Human Design and Gene Keys function together smoothly!


Together, they form a pathway towards better understanding of our human conditions. Through conducting readings of human design and gene keys, we can learn how to activate our DNA code and evolve beyond what we normally experience. This is a key component of spiritual awakening and self realization.


Gene keys was created by Richard Rudd. In his book “The Gene Keys”, Richard Rudd lays out the 64 keys hidden inside of our DNA. Richard Rudd explains that we each have different gene keys that are most prominent inside of our life stories. For instance, my main gene key is number 57.


Human design is a system of self understanding related to how your energy works. Interested in the law of attraction? Human design helps you to understand how you manifest specific to your energy type. There are five different types in human design: Projector, manifestor, reflector, manifesting-generator, and generator.


Human design is connected to astrology and the gene keys. Together, understanding these systems helps us to experience a better self-realization and spiritual awakening experience.


Want to learn more about Jarin Kenyon? Here’s his bio:


“Jarin Kenyon is a motivational speaker, life coach, and entrepreneur. He is passionate about and expertises on the science of the mind, law of attraction, and human design.


“He aspires to empower and educate millions of people into believing in and achieving their greatest dreams and desires.


“His Human Design is a 3/5 Sacral Manifesting-Generator. He runs his own company called "Fast Track Your Dream Life". He is Co-Founder of Rise Up Entertainment! (Riseupe3. com) including the Rise Up Radio Show. He has traveled the world working with gurus in several areas to gather the wisdom he now delivers on stage.”


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