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Beyond Homosapien

Apr 23, 2020

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Future Of Sex

Sex in the future might look quite different. With advances in new technology like sex robots, virtual reality porn, and augmented reality, we are primed for an evolution in human sexuality. Are we ready?

Let's find out!

The future of sex is a compelling topic. Instead of wading through the old patterns taught to us through religious orthodoxy, we can evolve into a healthier understanding of sexuality. Rather than give way to porn addiction or sex with robots instead of people, we can evolve collectively into a better relationship with sex. Humans are meant to have sex and enjoy pleasure. Once we embrace this realization, we are free to experience ourselves as the sexual creatures we KNOW we are!

It is time for sexual healing at the collective level.

Holistic living is congruent with sexual freedom. The future of sex involves an openness to different lifestyles. Additionally, choose to embrace your kinks and accept yourself fully. Find partners who will support you in exploring yourself sexually instead of shaming you for your secret fantasies.

It is OK to have kinks and explore yourself fully! Always remember: enter all sexual situations with full consent or not at all. YOU can withdraw consent at any time. Be careful to respect the consent of others and take this issue seriously. In order to experience full sexual healing, we must move beyond violations of consent. Once consent is respected fully in the bedroom, it will give rise to a dramatic shift towards individual power at the collective level. Such a change will be felt at the highest levels of our civilization.

Ready to learn about the future of sex? Let's dive in!