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Beyond Homo Sapien

Dec 31, 2021

Go to if you want to donate to the tornado relief concert happening January 22nd, 2022. Together, we can rebuild communities around the world that have been impacted by natural disasters. Listen to this episode of the Important Podcast for more information.

The Stream2Rebuild benefit concert series launches January 22nd, 2022, with the first event in Houston, Missouri. The initiative will launch concerts every month to raise money for communities affected by disasters over the last few years. At each event, artists will perform at an intimate concert event for a small crowd. At the concert, content will be created and streamed to donors around the world.

The first concert will play to an intimate crowd of twelve high-ticket donors & sponsors of the charity who will be invited. At the concert, music and entertainment content will be created and streamed to anyone who donates at least $19 to the movement. This content will be professionally produced and distributed to donors around the world via the power of the internet. The premium content created at the benefit event will be available always and continue to generate donations each month.

Each concert supports a non-profit on the front lines of rebuilding communities affected by natural disaster.

The goal is to donate at least $12,000,000 in 2022 to non-profits on the front lines of disaster relief. This money will be raised through the live concert events, sponsorship from organizations, and donations from supporters like you. Together, we can create a system that generates proceeds every month for the communities who need it the most.

Go to to read more about Trinity Media Network and our mission to report on good news happening around the world.

Go to to learn more about how you can take part in the ongoing evolution of the human species.