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Beyond Homo Sapien

Mar 21, 2020

A New World Order has been the talk of conspiracy theorists, religious folk, and more for decades. In the Coronavirus crisis we are experiencing here in 2020, it seems like the critical point for a New World Order to claim victory.


Is this global crisis the dawning of Heaven On Earth??


Or is this the takeover of an evil “New World Order”?


Well… like most questions… the answer is probably somewhere in the middle. Typically, when we are talking about a New World Order, we imagine an evil Satanic cult of elites that run the operation behind the scenes. In today’s world where new vaccines are being introduced and people are in lockdown, it is easy to see why many are starting to believe that the New World Order is claiming victory. Is this really the case?


Jax Atlantis joins us on the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to talk about the global situation we face together.


Let’s examine what’s happening collectively and try to get a read on what’s really happening. Is this a time to be afraid of a Satanic New World Order?


Likewise, is this the dawning of a New Heaven on the New Earth? Is this the Age of Aquarius? Is this “Ascension” for human beings? On social media, I see many people claiming victory for Jesus Christ, Qanon, the “Starseeds”, the UFOs, and more. From my perspective, false belief in a beautiful future is JUST as dangerous in the event we may be wrong.


Perhaps such a dialogue is how the New World Order might control us into doing nothing and sitting by while they conduct a global takeover?


On the contrary, belief in an evil Illuminati is not something I ascribe to necessarily. I believe that there are probably many secret organizations “pulling the strings” behind our world. If there is a Satanic cabal, it does not necessarily logically follow that they are the ONLY forces in control of our world.


Instead of giving way to fear or to naivety, let’s get through this with some common sense and hard-work.


The time for taking action to fix our world is NOW.


More than ever before, we need people to take action.


Even if you’re stuck at home.


Sometimes that’s the best spot for you to be.


Watch this episode and comment with any questions!


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Much Love! Stay Healthy!

+King Paul+