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Beyond Homo Sapien

Feb 8, 2019

Want to learn about how to tidy up your mind AND your house? Check it out here:

Melisa Celikel is the owner of Let's Get You Organized, San Diego's Premier Professional Organizing Company. Let's Get You Organized operates on the three core values of Respect, Collaboration, and Active Listening to help scattered shopaholics develop positive habits, take action, and make realistic choices in implementing their home organization systems. Melisa and her team strategically implement decluttering solutions and work to reduce chaos & disorganization for each in-home client. Virtual Clutter Coaching and Aspiring Professional Organizer Mentorship Programs are also offered for non-local clients. Be sure to follow along on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and the LGYO Blog to learn more and join the free 7-Day Declutter Challenge! 

We are going to chat about how to tidy up around here!