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Beyond Homosapien

Nov 27, 2018

Are Esoteric practices like astrology, divination, and magic at the basis of every great age of mankind?

From the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution, the next giant leap forward in human achievement seems to be accompanied by the same esoteric practices and ideas...

On today’s episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Michael Nnebe “the Peace Dealer” is here to dive into what exactly is going on!

“Spiritual awakening” and the law of attraction are in the spotlight. Astrology and psychic readings are experiencing a resurgence of interest across the world.

New technologies like Artificial Intelligence, VR technology, or blockchain technology is advancing simultaneously with these esoteric practices... is this all a coincidence?

Folks like Wim Hof are becoming celebrities over advancing new breathing techniques and forms of Yoga and Meditation...

Aubrey Marcus is seeing a similar celebrity around teaching about psychedelic plants, holistic living, and open relationships.

What is happening here?

The next age of human expansion is happening simultaneously to an advancement in ideas about the human experience.

Once again, esoteric traditions are making themselves known at the same time as humans advance the technology used to power life on the planet. Just as in ancient Egypt, the technological marvels are happening at the moment of our peak interest in the “hidden arts”.

Let’s dive into this topic and see where it goes!

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