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Beyond Homosapien

Nov 12, 2020

Interested in Hermetic philosophy? Go to for more information.

Hermeticism is an ancient oral tradition that we have been discussing on season 3 of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast. The number one question I have received is "how does Hermetic Philosophy apply to my life?"

On this episode, I will strive to answer that excellent question. Hermetic philosophy is a nature-oriented teaching that involves the understanding of what's called the "principle of correspondence". In a sense, this teaching of "as above, so below. As below, so above" encompasses the idea that reality is an emanation of source that spans into an infinite living mind in which we all swim and co-create our realities alongside the ever-present divinity.


Put simply: you are the creator and emanator of your reality. Humans are meant to be the co-creators with "god", an ever-present source that can be communicated with through a sort of "gnosis" or intuitive relationship. This conversation happens through the imagination but also through constant conversation with the world around you. All of life is speaking to us constantly, we must only listen and become more aware.


On this episode, I talk about how a person can learn to take control of their internal states and transmute them into a more wonderful outcome. It involves taking responsibility, transmuting your base emotions, and loving yourself at a deep level. Ultimate forgiveness is indeed the salvation that brings us closer to the "Christ" within.

Enjoy this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien! If you have any friends interested in Hermeticism, be sure you share this episode with them.