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Beyond Homo Sapien

Nov 28, 2021

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Do we know the true power of our intuition?

Eliphas Levi wrote that “the mage can know everything through intuition”. He also wrote that one of the privileges of the magician was to “be able to speak knowledgeably on all things, without prior study”. The human mind normally uses only a small percentage of its real potential. When we undergo a spiritual awakening, our intuition becomes more potent because we are tapped into conversation with our higher self. Whether you conceptualize the divine through concepts of “god” or “the universe”, understand that there is a collective consciousness that can be tapped into on demand.

Intuition and gut feeling are closely connected. The physiological feelings in your body enable you to quickly gain information about your environment and the people around you. Are you in doubt about the people around you? Check in with the feelings happening in your body and you will be able to know whether or not they can be trusted. Have you ever been near someone that “makes your skin crawl”? What is happening is the biological reactions in your body are informing you that you are in an unhealthy or unsafe situation. From a vibrational perspective, your body is able to tell when you are near an object or person with a lower vibrational frequency than yours. This is written about in the book “Power vs. Force” where decades of experimentation is presented demonstrating the bodies ability to sense vibration. When our body is presented with something or someone at a lower degree of vibration, it is felt. The body can tell when you are on the right or wrong path and it communicates this information to us through emotions and feelings in the heart, gut, and other parts of the body.

Your feelings are a fantastic guidepost to help you know when an environment, person, or food is unhealthy for you. However, emotion can often get in the way of intuition because our intuitive urges often push us outside of our comfort zone. When your body is pushed to a new limit, it is uncomfortable. Change produces discomfort in the body because our bodies are moved out of a restful state and pushed into something new. When we are presented with new and challenging information, it can be uncomfortable.

Intuition is a voice that comes into your mind with instructions or information. Oftentimes this voice comes in a flash that might feel like information being downloaded into your brain. This voice provides guidance that might push you outside of your comfort zone. In my own life, this voice has told me to start podcasting, given me instructions on books to begin writing, helped me find the right romantic partner, and insisted on me leaving toxic relationships. Sometimes this voice has not made sense but the more I follow its guidance the better my life seems to get.

Listening to your intuition is a personal journey. One of the common questions I get is “how do I know which voice to listen to inside of my head?” Intuition can be lost amongst a sea of other voices inside our head that seem to contradict and disagree with each other. Many people remain stuck in this endless internal debate. They become paralyzed by their over-analysis and oftentimes take no action because they cannot decipher truth against lies.

Intuition is the voice of instruction that provides you with the pathway forward to achieve your destiny. When you listen to intuition, you are learning the next steps you need to take to accomplish the goals you were meant to achieve. Oftentimes, we might not understand the purpose for our life. By following the roadmap of our intuition, we find ourselves and create our purpose through taking action on the information we are given.

Intuitive guidance can provide endless ideas and inspiration. Whenever this voice introduces a new idea, it is met with protective voices inside your head that are meant to keep you protected and safe. These secondary voices debate with the voice of intuition and often leave a person feeling confused. If your intuition is pushing you to make a change in your life, the protective voices will often work to keep you stuck and doing the same things you have always done. Instead of ignoring and stifling those protective voices, hear them out and give them thanks for watching over you. When you ignore the protection voices, you only give them more energy to come back later with a vengeance because they were never heard in the first place. Often these secondary voices can give us wonderful advice that helps to balance the inspiration given to us through intuition. However, we remain stuck if we allow the voices of protection to keep us stagnate. When we ignore our intuition, we begin a process of lethargy that creates depression, angst, and anxiety.

Instead of remaining stuck in your situation, balance the voice of intuition against the protective voices. Do not allow your doubts and fears to stop you from following intuition. However, you can hear those voices out and implement their advice while following your intuition. Use those protective voices to cover your bases and help you remain on the right track towards accomplishment of your true desires. If you are stuck and lost in a confusing ocean of internal dialogue, work to decipher the voice of intuition amidst all the others. When you align with this guidance for your life, everything changes. You create new opportunities for change and you begin the path towards accomplishment of your destiny.

When we follow the voice of intuition and balance it with the feelings in our body, we begin to create our purpose and we find ourselves in the process. Instead of waiting for all the answers from day one, begin to take action on what your intuition is telling you to do. Even if this voice of intuition does not make sense to you or your friends, listen to its guidance and implement what it tells you to do. Balance this voice with the others vying for your attention but do not allow fear and protection to stop you from taking action.