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Beyond Homo Sapien

Aug 9, 2020

Kevin Orosz On What Is Happening In 2020

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Kevin Orosz RETURNS to the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to talk about what is happening collectively here in 2020. On this show, we talk about COVID-19 and whether or not is is a hoax or an actual virus. If it is real, are secret forces or societies manipulating the overall message to advance an agenda? Kevin’s answer on this topic raises similar questions to what we discussed in this episode of the show:

Kevin Orosz is a life coach for men and women who want to dive deeper into their relationships. Well versed in Tantra, Yoga, breath-work, and many other disciplines, Kevin helps people manifest better partners or more business opportunity by diving more deeply into themselves. Want to see the last episode with Kevin on the podcast? Watch this episode about Tantra:

On this episode, we talk about egregors, archetypes, and how a person can detach energetically from a situation. In 2020, it is important to learn more about how to keep our energy safe from that of others. When we do, we strengthen our energetic field and allow no barriers to pass.

When I studied Hermetic philosophy, it was a time of powerful initiation. On this show, Kevin talks about how initiation is a person’s journey or introduction into a higher dimension of consciousness or a new level of awareness. Collectively, this is happening here in 2020. For more about Hermetic philosophy and the topic of initiation, watch this video:

Want to learn more about consciousness and where this species is going in 2020? You’ll enjoy watching this episode from a few weeks ago:

It is a time of confusion. As Kevin said: In the marketplace of lies, telling the truth can be intense.

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