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Beyond Homosapien

Mar 25, 2023

Do you ever feel like there's something more to life than what meets the eye? Something beyond our physical existence that we can't quite grasp? If you've ever had this feeling, then you won't want to miss the latest episode of Beyond Homo Sapien.

Go to to learn about Hermetic philosophy,...

Mar 17, 2023


Steve Sims is doing a free challenge called Introvert to Influence, you can click here to sign up for the event on March 28th:

Go to the website for more information about Hermetic philosophy, AI, and the future of the species.


 Join hosts Paul and Scott...

Mar 1, 2023

Go to to learn more about Hermetic philosophy, Artificial intelligence, the future of humanity, and the evolution of superpowers.

In this video, Scott and Paul delve into the topic of government tyranny and why it's crucial to discuss this. They share their insights and perspectives on the...