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Beyond Homo Sapien

Nov 4, 2021

What Is Reality?

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What Is The Nature Of Reality?

What is this reality in which we find ourselves?

Science would have us belief we exist in a world of matter. Inside of this material world, there is no room for spirit or for the power of the human being. In the view of the mainstream story, humans are observers here by accident. We arrived on the scene a bit late, billions of years after the random explosion that spawned the world of matter through an unknown combustion. My senses would at first confirm this view of science: when I knock on the table beside me, my knuckles make a rapping sound. The table is sturdy and prevents my hand from passing through to the bottom. If I were to kick this table, my foot would hurt or maybe even break from the force of the impact. Upon a bit of investigation using my five senses, it would appear that science is correct and matter is at the core of this table.

Despite having a foundation built on logical reasoning, science has no explanation for countless other aspects of our reality. Although well equipped to deal with questions regarding tables and chairs, science often fails to offer any explanation for circumstances that happen in our day-to-day lives. For instance, the telepathic bond felt between mother and son, or between twins. Although having no grounds in any sort of scientific explanation, every mother I have met, including my own, has spoken of feeling a deep telepathic connection to their children. The ability to sense when something is wrong has often been spoken about between twins. If there is a death in a family, it is not uncommon for close family members to have an intuition, dream, or feeling that alerts them to the occurrence before they hear about it from a person. When it comes to observable things and physical objects, science can offer some reasonable explanations for how our reality might be composed. However, the scientific community falls short of providing a detailed understanding of the true nature of our reality.

Our reality is a complex thing. What we find before us is a sprawling symphony of life, energy, emotion, and consciousness made into a physical form. Using the refuse of the Earth, humans have fashioned castles, tables, and iPhones. Over the course of billions of years, we have mistaken nature for matter and forgotten the ancient teachings of antiquity wherein the true nature of reality was explained. The intent and goal of this work is to restore that teaching and once again provide an alternative way of viewing our shared experience.

We live inside of the great mind of the universe. This universe is alive, always expanding, and infinite in all directions. It expresses itself as a sort of wavelength, or energetic current, that underlies all life. Our world is thought made into form. For example, this computer I am writing on once existed in the minds of individuals at Apple. Steve Jobs and his team created a series of technological innovations that re-shaped how we thought about a personal computer or phone. However, at the end of the day, what happened is Steve Jobs had an idea. He turned this invisible idea, which no one else could see, into a physical object that I am now using to write this work. In order to do this, Apple had to acquire crystals from the ground to power the computer and combine this with a number of different pieces to make a physical computer. They had to turn their thoughts into a physical form and connect this new creation with other humans who wanted to acquire the item using their energy expressed in the form of money.

The way Apple created the MacBook mirrors how all of life is created. We exist as a thought inside the mind of the universe. Remember in the last paragraph when I wrote about Steve Jobs creating the MacBook? In that story, you created a picture of Steve Jobs and his company inside of your mind’s eye. For a brief moment, you created Steve Jobs inside the world of your personal mind and he became real in that context. In much the same way, Steve Jobs himself came into being here in our world during the course of his life. Although happening at a larger scale, he was imagined into being by the mind of “god” in the same way he was created by you moments ago.

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