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Beyond Homosapien

Apr 23, 2019

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The real message of Jesus Christ has been confused over the years.

Fundamentalist Christians will have you believe that Jesus came to preach the “good news of great joy” that all of humanity was “saved” from their “sins” if they believed in him and had faith that he would forgive their sins.

In other words: that we need Jesus to forgive our sins in order to ascend to heaven. If we do not, then we are doomed to hell for all eternity…

Good news, right?

Here’s the issue: Jesus himself never actually says this.

It is a creation of the Christian church that Jesus ever said anything about hell, damnation, or the need for us to say some stupid prayer where we admit how sinful we are.

If you take the time to actually read the Bible, it isn’t actually in there… At least, not to the level of certainty that fundamentalist Christians would have you believe.

Today let’s talk about the real message of Jesus: that we can forgive ourselves. That we have the power of god inside of ourselves to forgive ourselves of our own sins.

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Much Love!